Reach Excellence in Managing Your Customer Relationship

Maintain your level of excellence and closely follow all your running deals
✔ Methods adapted to your role in the agency
✔ Simple and intuitive management of your leads
✔ Seller and Buyer Tracking

Boost your sales and acheive the best sales in prestige

Maximize your added value and increase the volume of your property portofolio
✔ Time optimization withjob automation
✔ Easy and simplified administrative management

Analysis of your performance

Learn to understand your numbers and control your data efficiently
✔ Reporting and Analytics
✔ Data processing
✔ Data Export

Find more mandates

Learn how to manage your conversion and prospecting tunnels inspired by growth marketing practices
✔ Simplified management for new mandates
✔ Recommendations to help you effectively until the final signature
✔ Find the best matches between a lead and a property