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We are a marketing agency specialized in the growth of prestigious real estate agencies.
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" +130% of leads
in 6 months
since we've been
working with Opaal."
Julie Constantin
Head of Marketing
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Discover how Janssens Immobilier, a network of 11 prestigious agencies in Provence, has increased its revenues by 30% in 1 year.
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The first (and only!) training-action that leads prestigious real estate professionals to grow their business.
In this course, you will learn to:
✔ Master marketing tools (online advertising, email marketing, traffic analysis tools, automated prospecting...)
✔ Launch and pilot acquisition campaigns
✔ Optimize your marketing budget
✔ Leverage use your contact base
✔ Bring your brand to digital channels
✔ Improve your lead to customer transformation rate
No prerequisites are required, the training adapts to your learning level and offers you the opportunity to apply new concepts and tools to your business.
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Boost your mandates with our People Property Performance method

Use Growth Hacking in your marketing
and sales strategies.

Generate revenue with
Facebook Ads

Run your targeted advertising campaigns with the most powerful tool of the moment!

Build customer retention

Turn your contacts into a real gold mine with our nurturing method.
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A CRM designed to support the growth of your agencies

We have accompanied and exchanged with dozens of prestigious real estate agencies. In conclusion, no solution is able to allow you to organize your development properly. That's we built the CRM we would have dreamed of: powerful and intelligent to avoid time-consuming and repetitive tasks, intuitive to make use of it a pleasure and personalized because your industry has specificities that we know and have integrated in our tool.
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Follow your deals

From estimating a property to the final signature, Opaal allows you to follow each step of the process in detail.

designed for the prestige market

Receive leads directly into Opaal, relationship and customer follow-up with advanced automation and custom task management.

Optimized matches

Our hand-built algorithm with beta testing agencies gives you powerful and effective results to match a property and a contact.

A single key tool

A single platform to manage your assets, your customers, your gateways to the portals, your emails and exchanges between your teams thanks to an integrated and secured chat, your appointments thanks to the synchronization of your agenda.

Hunting from OPAAL

Thanks to our new hunting tool, in just a few clicks, you will be able to find new properties for your commercial prospection in your area.

Key dashboards

Follow your performance, progress, actions of the day, latest assets, deals in progress and an option as a manager to analyze your business and growth even further.

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